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Occasionally I live within a specific group of people and collect data about their lives and cultural attitudes.


At the user’s context and location, I learn the unexpected by observing people in their environment.

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I work in controlled settings when I need to make the absolute most of the precious time I have with the user.

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I perform moderated and unmoderated remote sessions to reach broader audiences.

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Research for decision-making

OutSystems is a global software company. It provides a low-code platform for building enterprise solutions. Here, almost every day there is a different challenge to solve, new teams to support and exciting things to learn! The fast-paced environment allows me to work on the field and at strategic levels. 

As a Lead User (Experience) Researcher at OutSystems, I play an essential role in uncovering trustable data-driven insights to support and shape business strategic decisions.


Besides doing what a UX Researcher does in a tech company, I'm applying Systems Thinking and introducing participatory research methods in an agile fast-paced environment. 

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UX Research OS
App mobile

Agricultural knowledge base


The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture aimed at improving agricultural practices in up to 36 million hectares of land. 


However, smallholder farmers couldn’t get reliable information to farm properly because field technicians struggled to provide appropriate guidance to them. Also, large-scale farmers and agro-dealers struggled to make informed choices, and other stakeholders faced difficulties in tracking and promoting project accomplishments.

So, we created a user-friendly knowledge base and, afterwards, we created a mobile app for novice users.

Agronomists KB

Field & photo diaries


Across the world, efforts by entities aimed at helping people often fail due to the lack of "on the ground knowledge" about the communities in which they operate. 

So, we have been implementing field & photo diaries in multiple communities to give expression to what is important to people in their everyday life.

E.g.: the Agro-Forestry Villages Program (TechnoServe) was generating a substantial amount of new employment in rural areas. Consequently, communities experienced small and big changes that were positive and negative. We spotted those changes and performed program course corrections

Field & Photo diaries

Service design for a franchise

MMMills only provided services of maize milling and hulling in alternative to the long and painful process of manual pounding. So, it was facing strong competition from well-known home-based mills and needed to gain competitive advantages.

We optimized the service by creating an enthusiastic environment that encourages staff and clients’ creativity, and by providing appealing in-store experiences at an affordable price. 

Also, to co-develop new products and services to be sold at the mills, we created an Innovation Center.

Service Design MMM

Systems in an arid island

I performed systemic and ethnographic research to identify problems and opportunities in an arid island named São Vicente (Cape Verde archipelago).

Emerged that one of the most pressing problems is non-saline water scarcity. So, we decided to introduce a do-it-yourself water purification device to enable people to reuse greywater. Residents have a hands-on attitude, and making a simple purification device with materials widely available locally is easy for them.

By optimizing the use of greywater, the acquisition of freshwater (desalinized) reduces up to 63%.

Systems Arid island

My artistic side

In addition to spotting and addressing problems/opportunities, I enjoy creating visual assets (e.g.: diagrams, illustrations, and 2D animations) and photography.

Artistic side
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