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“Ana has extensive experience interviewing and studying local communities, workers, farmers, and work systems (...) exceptionally bright, creative, productive, hardworking and well organized (…). She also works very well with all project stakeholders, as well as colleagues, both as a team member and as a project manager.”

- Jake Walter, Country Director at TechnoServe

"It caught my attention her drive to action and proactivity. (...) Ana breaths speed on her UXR initiatives, always keen for the next challenge whatever complexity. Having a comprehensive UXR methodologies toolbox she is a strong team member always keen to help product teams on their discovery journeys and problem framing. She is committed to finding the right problems to solve. Ana is a valuable member to help to grow user-centered practices in any product organization."

- Pedro Alves, Senior User Researcher at OutSystems

“Ana is an excellent partner, communicator, designer, and leader. Team members naturally look to Ana for leadership and vision, especially in the areas of design and user preference. I miss working with her!”

- Chad Waryas, Consultant at TechnoServe

"Working with Ana is always a pleasure. Not only does Ana have such a friendly disposition, but she's also incredibly generous with her vast insights into UX research. (...) Ana loves sharing her knowledge and passion for the subject (...)."

- Louis Stevens, Senior UX Writer at OutSystems

"Ana forms a critical piece of our research team. She possesses an almost unmatched work ethic, and her creativity and unique skill set has served our work well. She has greatly expanded both the imagination of our work and our overall accomplishments."

- Brad Paul, Director, Research & Analysis Unit at TechoServe

"Ana is highly motivated and passionate about her role in the delivery of goals, and quickly learned, adapted and established herself as a key person on our projects. In addition to her professional competences, Ana has exhibited great team spirit and collaborates well will with colleagues with different professional and cultural backgrounds."

- Nimo Wiredu, M&E Specialist at IITA

“Ana showed great initiative to drive a new strategic direction for the project (…) high personal and professional motivation to a single purpose: bringing equity to the disadvantaged by helping them apply their talents to a problem through appropriate and environmentally responsible design and implementation.”

- John Tull, Senior Business Consultant at MMM

“Ana is a Winnovator (...) a woman who creates innovative solutions to address specific needs in her life, her community and her world. She often challenges convention, impacting lives and inspiring others in the process.”

- Jessie Koerner, Blogger & Social Media Manager

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