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What others say
What others say about me goes beyond describing who I am and what I do; these are testimonials from my colleagues.



While working for/with top tech firms

“Ana strikes the perfect balance of easy collaboration and necessary autonomy (...) to ensure that results will be impactful and recommendations actionable. Thus her work has influenced the product vision, has driven innovation, and informed teams to define and prioritize initiatives. (...)"

Petra Johnson, AI - UX Manager at OutSystems

"[Ana] is one of the most pragmatic individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I observed her influential research mindset (...). Ana's mentoring of others further highlights her commitment to excellence."

Carina Fonseca, Team Lead at OutSystems


“Ana and I worked together in (...) AI assisted development and product-led growth. She initiated strategic research activities that generated opportunities to address user needs, bringing new initiatives to the roadmap and directing our solution design. Ana takes a pragmatic approach in her research (...),  tailors her presentations to the audience (...). She repeatedly demonstrated her ability to (...) produce actionable insights.

(...) I will always try to keep her part of my team.”

Alex Namir, Principal Product Designer at OutSystems

“(...) One of Ana's most admirable qualities is her incredible approach to challenges. Regardless of size or complexity, she has tackled every obstacle with determination and resilience, consistently delivering excellent results. Her ability to remain calm under pressure and find innovative solutions is admirable. (...) Ana brings confidence, expertise, and a pragmatic approach to everything she does (...).”

Victoria Dal Bello, UX Researcher at OutSystems

"It caught my attention her drive to action and proactivity. (...) Ana breaths speed on her UXR initiatives, always keen for the next challenge whatever complexity. (...) She is committed to finding the right problems to solve. (...)"

Pedro Alves, Senior User Researcher at OutSystems

“I had the privilege of being mentored by Ana (...) she led by doing (...). Ana was more than a mentor; she was a role model whose passion and dedication to her work were palpable in every task she undertook. Her work ethic, both efficient and pragmatic, along with her eagerness to share knowledge and foster growth (...) she made sure to focus not only on producing outstanding deliverables (...) but also on my constant professional development as her mentee.

Ana’s (...) ability to communicate complex ideas in simple, understandable terms. (...) A perfect blend of professionalism and genuine care (...)"

Caio Pedralho, UX Research Intern at OutSystems

While working at low income countries

“Ana has extensive experience interviewing and studying local communities, workers, farmers, and work systems (...) exceptionally bright, creative, productive, hardworking and well organized (…). She also works very well with all project stakeholders, as well as colleagues, both as a team member and as a project manager (...)."

Jake Walter, Country Director at TechnoServe*

“Ana showed great initiative to drive a new strategic direction for the project (…). High personal and professional motivation (...)."

John Tull, Senior Business Consultant at MMMills*

"Ana (...) possesses an almost unmatched work ethic (...). She has greatly expanded both the imagination of our work and our overall accomplishments."

"[10 years later, Ana] remains among the most talented and elite colleagues I have worked with. I wish everyone was as creative, professional, and as motivated as [she is]."

Brad Paul, Director, Research & Analysis Unit at TechoServe

“Ana is an excellent partner, communicator, designer, and leader. Team members naturally look to Ana for leadership and vision, especially in the areas of design and user preference. I miss working with her!”

Chad Waryas, Consultant at TechnoServ

“Ana is very creative and mind open to learn and develop her skills as a professional. Recently she has won two awards (...) in communication and photography for Feed The Future initiative (...).”

Abdala Fay, Agribusiness Specialist at IITA

"Ana is highly motivated and passionate about her role (...) and quickly learned, adapted and established herself as a key person on our projects. (...) Ana has exhibited great team spirit and collaborates well will with colleagues with different professional and cultural backgrounds (...)."

Nimo Wiredu, M&E Specialist at IITA

The vast majority of testimonials (excluding the two marked with *) can be found on LinkedIn. Visit the platform to read these testimonials in full, as well as additional ones.


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