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Hey! I'm Ana.
Seasoned User Researcher.
You'll often find me driving strategic decisions based on reliable field research, but there's a whole lot more to me than just that!

My expertise



Support teams from diverse contexts in shaping strategies based on field research (which I love conducting!) and guide them to achieve informed decision-making and mitigate risks.


Extensive experience in ethnographic research and participatory methods to  co-design human-centered solutions for products and services, ensuring they meet users' and customers' needs.


Leverage Human-centered Design and Systems Thinking to cope with complex projects, providing holistic perspectives and long-term strategies that consider the big picture.


Share stories at conferences or through articles, videos, photos, diagrams, and illustrations to bring research findings to life and engage audiences. Proficient in workshop facilitation.

Grassroots to Tech
My journey has taken me from living among deep-rooted communities in low-income countries to collaborating with top tech firms in advanced economies, allowing me to gain insights and perspectives that enrich every aspect of my work. 



Occasionally, I immerse myself within a specific group of people and collect data about their lives and culture.


At the user’s context and location, I learn the unexpected by observing people in their environment.

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I work in controlled settings when I need to make the absolute most of the precious time I have with the user.

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I perform both moderated and unmoderated remote sessions to reach broader audiences.

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It works and it wows!
I've been honoured with numerous awards:
4x UX Research & Design (Denmark, Italy, Portugal, South Africa),
4x Storytelling (England, Mozambique, USA),
3x Graphic & Product Design (Italy, Nigeria, Portugal), and
5x Academic & Employee Excellence (Italy, Portugal).


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What I'm doing now
Currently, I'm applying my expertise as a Lead UX Researcher at OutSystems, a dynamic low-code software development platform.

In this fast-paced environment, I work on both field and strategic levels, playing a pivotal role in uncovering trustworthy, data-driven insights to inform and shape business decisions.



“Ana strikes the perfect balance of easy collaboration and necessary autonomy (...) to ensure that results will be impactful and recommendations actionable. Thus her work has influenced the product vision, has driven innovation, and informed teams to define and prioritize initiatives. (...)"

Petra Johnson, UX Manager - AI at OutSystems

"[Ana] is one of the most pragmatic individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I observed her influential research mindset (...). Ana's mentoring of others further highlights her commitment to excellence."

Carina Fonseca, Team Lead at OutSystems

"Ana (...) possesses an almost unmatched work ethic (...). Remains among the most talented and elite colleagues I have worked with. I wish everyone was as creative, professional, and as motivated as [she is]."

Brad Paul, Director, Research & Analysis Unit at TechoServe

"Ana is highly motivated and passionate about her role (...) and quickly learned, adapted and established herself as a key person on our projects. (...) Ana has exhibited great team spirit and collaborates well will with colleagues with different professional and cultural backgrounds (...)."

Nimo Wiredu, M&E Specialist at IITA

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How can I help you?
I can help you by leveraging a combination of Strategic User Experience Research and Systems Thinking to identify opportunities, address challenges, and make informed decisions. 

My work focuses on connecting user needs with technical solutions while incorporating local perceptions.

Feel free to drop me a line:

  • LinkedIn - Círculo Branco
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